The Neurosciences Institute is a non-profit scientific research organization dedicated to learning about the brain for the benefit of mankind. Under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Gerald M. Edelman, the Institute focuses its research on the principles underlying how we perceive and act upon the world, how we learn and remember, and how consciousness arises.

The Director of the Institute is Dr. Gerald M. Edelman. He received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1972 for his studies on the structure and diversity of antibodies. More recently, he has formulated a detailed theory to explain the development and organization of higher brain functions in terms of a process known as neuronal group selection, and he has extended this work to provide a biologically based theory of consciousness.

Researchers at the Institute work in a collaborative environment to create large-scale spiking models of the mammalian nervous system. Using an approach called synthetic neural modeling, they explore how neuronal connectivity and physiology interact to produce observable neural activity and behavior. The overall goal is to better understand the biological bases of perception, motor control, memory, cognition, and, ultimately, consciousness itself.

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